Japanese Hiragana Katakana Chart, Practice Sheets & Stickers

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Wouldn't it be cool to start reading  Japanese ASAP!!!

This study pack gets you reading in no time and includes:
 - Hiragana / Katakana chart
 - 20 page study pack with lots of practice in a PDF download
 - 3 sheets of hiragana stickers to make learning fun

This handsome chart makes it simple and easy to learn  the first 2 Japanese alphabet that every newbie needs to know. The Hiragana and Katakana alphabets form the basics of reading for beginners in Japanese.

Waterproof, portable, all-in-one learning resource for anyone new to the Japanese language.

Study how to write the characters: stroke order are included so you can write the characters on your own, but first, it is helpful to memorize their shapes by tracing them with your fingers.

Practice reading: simple words are included to get you reading immediately, practice reading out loud.

Learn new vocabulary: the chart serves as a mini picture dictionary. Illustrations helps you learn the names of common objects in Japanese.

Use stickers to make learning fun: 3 sheets of fun stickers are included to practice spelling Japanese words on notebooks, or to decorate any personal item.

Order now and you can start studying in the next 5 minutes!!

Chart Dimensions: 10 x 14.25 inch / 25 x 36 cm
3 sheets of stickers
20 page study pack PDF download


***Colour of stickers may vary

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